name: Mohd surname: Shahzaib

Telephone: 0815667664


Nationality: India

Educational and Training 


  • 2021 Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Programming - Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • 2020 Diploma in python programming and JavaScript - SISS Institute of Information Technology and Management, India.
  • 2019 Master of Science in Zoology - Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • 2017 Bachelor of Science in Biology - Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • Present Position:
    • PhD student in Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences XXXVIII cycle - PON RI, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli", Italy.

    Main Work Experiences: 

    • Genomics, Machine Learning & Next Generation sequencing data Analysis of Neurodegerative disorders.

    • Organoseleniums and Anticancer Activities.


      Cloning, expression and purification of bacterical enzymes, bacterical solid and liquid cell culture, transformation of chemically competent bacterical cells, sonication, protonography, protein purification by affinity chromatography, PCR, tumoral-cell culture routine techniques, protein extraction, SDS-PAGE, western blot analysis.

      Computer skills: WIN, MAC, Word, Excel, Explorer, Outlook, Nero Burning, Cd Creator, RealOne Media Player, PowerPoint, Photoshop; Molecular Analyst BioRad, Quantity One BioRad.

    Research interests:

    Main current research interests:

    A study on reconstituted Nimbolide Nanolipoprotein particle formulation to arrest Amyloid Beta Pathology in

    Alzheimer's Disease. Deep Learning in Alzheimer's disease: Diagnostic Classification and Prognostic Prediction Using Neuroimaging Data. Mitochondria: A Critical Target In Alzheimer's Disease using Amyloid Beta 1-42 induced Animal Model of Witsar Rat. "Spatial analysis of freshwater zooplankton diversity in two different water bodies of Aligarh.''MS Thesis. Molecular docking (using Autodock vina). Learn to applying tools in Bio-python programming. Development of algorithms and computer-aided methods for personalized infection medicine, particularly vaccine and drug design.

    Selected Publications:


    1. Intezar Ali, Syed Ziaur Rahman, Ayesha Qamar, Mohd Shahzaib Khan. Survey-Based Study on Farmers' Knowledge and Pattern of Using Insecticide on Different Crops in Aligarh District of Uttar Pradesh, India. International Journal of Human and Health Sciences 2022;06(02): 193-199. doi:

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