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The Laboratories located in the Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University of Naples are fully equipped with facilities for extraction and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as for cell biology analyses and for cell culture, with particular attention to adult stem cells.

                  The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers,                                            he's one who asks the right questions. (Claude Levi Strauss)                         

OUR Interest

Stem Cells

We are interested in molecular mechanisms regulating the functions of adult stem cells, such as neural stem cells (NSCs) and mesenchymal/stromal stem cells (MSCs). In detail, we study MSC biology, since these cells are tested in several cell and gene therapy trials for treatment  of  many human diseases
In the last years, we have focused our interest on MUSE  cells,  which are a subpopulation of MSCs showing pluripotent features and highly resistance to genotoxic stress.


We study  cellular senescence of mouse and human stem cells. Cellular senescence is the permanent arrest of cell cycle, physiologically related to aging and aging-associated diseases. Senescence is also recognized as a mechanism for limiting the regenerative potential of stem cells and to protect cells from cancer development. We study molecular mechanisms regulating senescence. In detail we are interested in relationship between cell cycle regulation, DNA repair and senescence.


Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) accomplish their tasks mainly secreting dozens of factors that contribute to organismal homeostasis and tissue repair. The senescence process alters the MSC functions. Senescent MSCs secrete several inflammatory cytokines, growth factors, proteases and other factors, which collectively are indicated as the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). SASP may either promote aging processes or cancer onset. We study the biological effects of secretome coming from healthy and senescent MSCs. In addition, we do investigations on SASP coming from different types of senescent cells.
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